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Password Recovery

it is easy to forget your Hotmail password if you registered the account in a hurry or if you have taken too long to log into your account. If you are trying to log into your account.

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Account Recovery

Many people tend to forget their account passwords and therefore cannot access their accounts. In some other cases, some may not have an alternate email address.

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Hotmail Helpline

If you have already gone through the user guides and FAQs and you still cannot find a solution to your problem then your next step should be to get in touch with the customer service.

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Enjoy Fast & Efficient Hotmail Support Canada Services from Top Experts

The Hotmail email service is one of the best and most widely used email services throughout the globe and it is not very difficult to see why this is so. From its reliability and speed to its user friendly settings and simple interface, it is hard to find fault with this email service provided by the team at Microsoft. However, in spite of all its great features, Hotmail is just as effective as the people that use it. And given the fact that it is natural for humans to make mistakes, the same can be said for the people that use Hotmail as their primary email service; they are bound to encounter various problems from time to time.

Most of these problems like lost passwords and forgotten email addresses can usually be resolved easily enough if you know what you are doing. But there are some other problems that might require more technical assistance and this is exactly where we come in.

Hotmail Support Canada Offers Best Email Issues Solutions

Our company is a fully fledged team of industry experts and email engineers who provide Hotmail technical support and assistance for clients with email problems. Hotmail, as an email service provider, has its own support staff drawn from the Microsoft staff and they are supposed to help Outlook/Hotmail users solve problems with their accounts. However, given the large number of people who use Hotmail, both in Canada as well as the rest of the world, it is only to be expected that this support staff will be stretched to its limits. As such, not all users will get the kind of help that they desire and this is exactly where we come in. Our goal is to bridge the gap and satisfy the needs of Hotmail users by solving all their problems in a timely and effective manner through our Hotmail support number Canada 1-844-856-1333.

Why Seek Help from Hotmail Customer Helpline Canada?

Our Hotmail customer support services are designed to make sure that every Hotmail user who comes to us leaves satisfied and with all his/her problems perfectly solved. There are many reasons why our clients come to and stand by us and some of them include the following:

Skills & experience- All our staff members are equipped with the right skills and experience to get the job done and we assure you that there is no Hotmail problem we cannot help you solve- if it can be solved.

Availability- As opposed to the primary Microsoft support team, our experts are always available and on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that you can skip all the delays and needless waiting that come with using the regular Hotmail support Canada.

Affordability- we have a host of affordable services and even more free services meaning that practically anyone can use our services.

How to Contact Hotmail Support Canada?

There are two ways to contact Hotmail support Canada and clients are welcome to choose the option that is most convenient for them. The first option is to send us an email stating your problem and, upon review of the problem, we will get back to you with a guide explaining how the problem can be resolved immediately. The second option is to call us directly through our Hotmail support phone number and one of our dedicated staff members will receive your call and help you resolve your problem.