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I Forgot My Hotmail Password How Do I Recover It?

by Hotmail Support

Posted on June 11, 2016 at 09:10 AM

For people who do not use Hotmail on a regular basis getting locked out of your email account because of lost passwords is a relatively common occurrence. Even if you use Hotmail regularly, there is still a chance that hackers might access your account and change your password. When any of these scenarios takes place, the natural course of action is usually to try and recover or reset your password so that you may access your account once more. Here are two ways to recover your account even if you have forgotten your password.

Forgot Hotmail Password

Email recovery: You can use your email in recovering your account. Just click the “Forgot Password” and you will be asked how you want to recover your account. If you choose Email recovery, an email containing a link that contains the code that you will use to recover your account will be sent.

Phone recovery: If you opt for phone recovery, you can select a code relayed to you through text or through the call. If you opt to receive the code by text, it will be sent to you. Enter the code to recover your account.

However, if you still fail to access your account, you can call Hotmail support number Canada 1-844-856-1333 for instant help. Make sure that you are in front of your computer because the technician will instruct you on what buttons or icons to click so that you will be able to access your account again.

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