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Create A Strong Password for Your Hotmail Account

by Hotmail Support

Posted on June 20, 2016 at 11:10 AM

I Want To Make Sure That No One Can Access My Account. May I Know How To Create A Strong Password That I Can Remember?

Even though the Hotmail email service is considered as one of the safest emailing services available, there is still no guarantee that your email account will remain 100% safe and secure when you use this service. The only way to boost your safety is by having a strong password that hackers and other unauthorized entities cannot break so that they can access your account. However, while a long and complicated password may offer you the best protection it may not be so easy to remember and therefore the key is to find a password that is hard to crack, but easy for you to remember. Here is how you can do that:

  • Use terms that are not common and not closely related to you. This will prevent your account to be opened by a third party just by making wild guesses.
  • Observe the appropriate length which is 8 characters or more. Short passwords can easily be guessed.
  • Use numerals and symbols. This combination can be difficult to break because there are just too many numerals and symbols to use.

By applying the above measures, you will have a strong password that will be difficult even for the best hackers to crack. If you need further help in making your Hotmail account even more secure, Dial the Hotmail support number Canada and talk to some of the top experts on this subject and they will surely help you get the best protection against hackers.

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