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Recover Hotmail Password without Recovery Email

by Hotmail Support

Posted on June 12, 2016 at 11:10 AM

I Forgot My Password And I Want To Recover It. However; I Have Not Set Up A Recovery Email. How Can I Recover My Hotmail Password Without Recovery Email?

Recover Hotmail Password Without Recovery Email

Losing or forgetting your Hotmail password can be quite exasperating because it locks you out of your account and all your important emails. If you have a recovery email address already linked to your outlook account, getting in would not be so difficult, but things can get even more trying in case you have not set up one.

Despite having no recovery email, you can still regain access to your account by seeking the help of Microsoft. However, if you are in a great hurry because you are expecting important mails or you need to make immediate replies, then, using Microsoft will not be of great help to you. Because of the sheer number of Hotmail users seeking help, it might take days for you to get an answer.

For people who urgently need to open their Hotmail account, an independent Hotmail service provider has been established in Canada as its headquarters. Designed to provide quick, reliable, and affordable assistance to Hotmail users, Hotmail support Canada is always around to give you solutions to your problems. You can dial the toll free number and an experienced computer engineer will be at your disposal. After hearing out your problem, he will give you instructions on what buttons to click and what else to do to recover your Hotmail password despite the absence of a recovery email. Just contact the support team and your problem will be instantly resolved.

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